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studentIFES Eurasia students reach their fellow students with the good news of Jesus Christ, grow into life-long disciples of Christ, serve and strengthen the Church


staff The IFES Eurasia family is blessed
with gifted and diverse staff who are
dedicated to discipling students and growing leaders



IFES Eurasia is well-structured, wisely-governed, and God-honouring ministry. Indigenous Boards of Directors and General Secretaries oversee the ministry


“Bible & Life” conference is a three-weekend, three-level sequence of training, with follow-up after each weekend. Level I deals with discipleship: what it means to follow Jesus, walk with Him, and share Him. Level II deals with personal inductive Bible study: how to feed oneself from the Word and help others learn to study the Bible.  Level III deals with disciple-making: how to help someone else grow. The three levels should be taken in sequence. The Lordship of Christ as the center, and centerpiece, of each weekend. All of the sessions during the weekend relate and are aligned with each other, each building on and mutually reinforcing each other. 

The emphasis of Bible & Life as a training weekend:

  1. Excellent learning and teaching methods, utilized during the weekend conference, are geared towards and custom-tailored for adult learners: one-on-one, small group, large group, lecture, discussion, video, role play, and case studies;
  2. The learning process is instilled with values, such as indigenous national  leadership, student leadership,  biblical worldview, taking the university world seriously, the unity of believers in Christ, inductive Bible study, small groups, cultural and gender diversity, etc.;
  3. A definite, sharp focus is kept on a few things related to Lordship such as quiet time and evangelism, so that students come away having heard from God on specific issues and with a determination to do something in response.
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