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studentIFES Eurasia students reach their fellow students with the good news of Jesus Christ, grow into life-long disciples of Christ, serve and strengthen the Church


staff The IFES Eurasia family is blessed
with gifted and diverse staff who are
dedicated to discipling students and growing leaders



IFES Eurasia is well-structured, wisely-governed, and God-honouring ministry. Indigenous Boards of Directors and General Secretaries oversee the ministry


Eurasian Student Formacion 2019,  July 16-27

„ Stepping out...moving forward“

Welcome to Student Formacion 2019 in Lviv! It is so exciting that you will be joining!

Disciples - growing, developing, and going, that is at the heart of Jesus mission to this world. And it is at the heart of the IFES Vision: “Our vision is to see students built into communities of disciples, transformed by the gospel and impacting the university, the church and society for the glory of Christ”.   Jesus is at work in the life of the disciples before he is giving them a responsibility. Jesus is eager to share everything that he is and that he has with his disciples - and also with you. He wants to include you into the greatest and most blessed enterprise history has ever seen – the transformation of individuals, communities and societies for good and for God’s glory. He continues to write his salvation story and to include you in it. No matter how useless or gifted you feel he will never give up on you and prepare you for greater things to come.

In the Bible-studies we will make many new discoveries and find applications to our own daily life- situations. We will look from new angles at the center of our faith – at Jesus. The texts will all reveal “The Jesus I don’t know”.

Special speakers:

  • IFES Eurasia Staff Team
  • Bob Grahmann, pastor, IFES worker, well known in Eurasia, USA
  • Team from Dubai
  • Sergei Koblov, Regional Secretary, counselor, Kyrgyzstan
  • and many others

Special format:lviv

You will spend many hours in community groups with students from Eurasia – a safe place of common learning, of joy, of sharing, of mutual encouragement and common prayer times. We will help you to process what you have experienced and will use various teaching and training methods. You will enjoy fellowship and you will be stretched and challenged.  Reflection times, worship, testimonies, stories from other countries, tea breaks, sport activities, seminars, talks, Bible-studies, outreach and surprises will make this event rich and unique.

Formacion 2019 – get ready for it, don't miss it. Get on that journey: “Stepping out  - moving forward”.  God has so many good things in store for you.


Worship team: Students are welcome to take part in the worship team. Please arrive already on July 14 and bring your instruments with you (if you can). You will have training and you will practise as a team. When you register, please note at the form that you would like to take part at the worship team.

Drama team: If you have acting skills or would like to learn them, you can also join our Drama team at Formacion. You should also arrive for the practice earlier on July 14. 

Fee: Each student is expected to pay 100 $ registration fee (15% of conference fee). Your travel is covered by the conference. Please apply soon and buy tickets early in order to reduce travel expenses. Spouses of speakers and CGLs pay also 100$.  For each kid taking part in child care the cost is 50 $.

Check the website and make use of the helpful video of Alyona Bondar which explains how to raise money for the conference fee. If it might be difficult for you to find finances for the conference, please contact your staff.


Deadline for application is May 31.

Looking with great expectation forward to being with you,

The Formacion team and Werner (director)


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