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studentIFES Eurasia students reach their fellow students with the good news of Jesus Christ, grow into life-long disciples of Christ, serve and strengthen the Church


staff The IFES Eurasia family is blessed
with gifted and diverse staff who are
dedicated to discipling students and growing leaders



IFES Eurasia is well-structured, wisely-governed, and God-honouring ministry. Indigenous Boards of Directors and General Secretaries oversee the ministry

 Alyona Bondar

 IFES  Eurasia Associate Regional Secretary

Alyona joined IFES when she was a student. Since 2004 she works for IFES Eurasia. In her life and work she is guided by her values which are fairness, grace, professionalism with a healthy dose of pragmatism.                                             

 Alyona is passionate about development--whether organizational or individual, to observe and stimulate changes and improvement, moving forward. This is the reason she is responsible for Organization Development and Indigenous Support Development in the region. To watch how each national movement grows and develops brings great joy to Alyona. She is trying to constantly learn new methods of Org. Development so she could better help and inspire other staff and authorities of the national movements so they can raise their effectiveness and build their potential.                          In her work Alyona appreciates multicultural context and opportunity to travel and meet new amazing people. 

 Olena Welch

IFES Eurasia Training Secretary

Olena is a teacher, a trainer, and a mentor at heart. Nothing brings her more joy than to connect with her students, to connect them with the subject, to help them expand their knowledge, form a skill, and cultivate an attitude of a lifelong learner.
The purpose of teaching and training others, as she sees it, is to interweave the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual in the learning process and in the lives of her students. She doubts good teaching can be reduced to techniques and methods; good teaching and training comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.
Whatever she teaches or trains, she wants the learning experience for her students and herself to be permeated with a sense of community and a sense of connectedness - to ourselves, to one another, and to God. She is convinced that training and educating people means guiding them on their inner journey toward more truthful ways of seeing and being in the world.

 Liza Ternikova

IFES Eurasia Administrator

ltLiza's biggest joy and fulfilment is organizing big conferences. Confusing schedules, communication with people, planning meetings - is essential part of her management nature. Liza is always trying to put most effort so that every person would feel comfortable - in their studies and work. Through her job she is trying to glorify her Friend and Saviour, Jesus.  


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