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studentIFES Eurasia students reach their fellow students with the good news of Jesus Christ, grow into life-long disciples of Christ, serve and strengthen the Church


staff The IFES Eurasia family is blessed
with gifted and diverse staff who are
dedicated to discipling students and growing leaders



IFES Eurasia is well-structured, wisely-governed, and God-honouring ministry. Indigenous Boards of Directors and General Secretaries oversee the ministry

іввIs there life after the university?

IFES Graduate Impact is developing projects for fresh graduates and young professionals in Europe and Eurasia.

City Cross-Current is one of of the project IFES Graduate Impact develops to help fresh graduates and young professionals to grow in their character and faith and to learn how to integrate it with their professional life. We aim to start small groups (8-12 participants) in different cities and see this as a great tool to multiply God’s Ambassadors (2Corinthians 5:17-21) in the market place as small groups and mentoring relationships are the proper environment for the individuals to grow.

ччWe are  developing  now City CC project into 6 modules and teach two modules per year during 3 years to a group of graduates and young professionals. The structure of the group is

  1. inspirers who teach ,
  2. mentors who mentor participants
  3. mentees (participants) whom develop per mentoring relationships

In 2017 four such groups in different cities from Europe and Eurasia lunched and are at their 3rd module.

ммWhat is going on in the region?

The very first pioneering City CC was in Baku Azerbaijan (during 2013-2015) were first 4 modules (Bible&Work; Relationships at Work; Truth, justice and honesty; and Managing finances and Generosity) were taught among young professionals from Baku and Sumgait.

In September 2017 we lunched together with local coordinators - Kiev City CC with first module - Bible&Work. In February this year we held the second module in Kiev on Relationships at work with 9 young professionals attending this group.

The first ever Grads Consultation in Eurasia took place in February 20-23, 2018. It was a time of learning about GI projects, refreshing, encouraging, strategic planing and practical steps for the next 6-8 months. It was encouraging to see representatives from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan having big concern and care in their heart for graduates and young professionals. Some of this countries are at the very beginning of this ministry other needed to refresh their vision and actions some need to be encouraged to restart it. After this meeting Georgia and Moldova decided to advertise and recruit participants to start a City CC in their countries already in the fall this year. Big task for our IFES national movements but not impossible with God.

ввWhat’s next?

After the IFES Eurasia graduates Leaders meeting with representatives from 7 countries in the region wanted to start City Cross-Current; Belarus, Russia, Georgia and Moldova. These countries expressed their big interest in starting City CC groups this coming fall.

Minsk City CC group will be an incubator group were potential grads leaders from different cities in the country will be invited. We want this way to train leaders who will be able to take City CC resources and use them in their own cities in the same format. In May 3-4 will be the second planing meeting with the City CC coordinator and interested people in starting a City CC in Minsk. 

Our second Regional Grads Leaders Consultations will take place in September 2018: to Evaluate the progress, learn about mentoring and discipling and plan the next steps in building a network of christian professionals and young grads leaders locally and regionally.

Third meting of Kiev City CC on Truth, justice and honesty at work also will be in September.

This while we are working together with the local leaders on scheduling other 4 City CC in the region. For all this we need and ask for a lot of God’s help and wisdom. 

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